Human rights and freedoms are protected and enhanced through the efforts of the Commission. These rights and freedoms include but not limited to:

  • Rights to freedom from torture
  • Rights to freedom from cruel or inhumane or degrading treatment
  • Rights against arbitrary arrest or imprisonment
  • Rights against invasion of one’s home
  • Freedom of thought
  • Freedom of assembly and speech
  • Freedom of press.

Our objectives are to promote human rights by following means:

  • Monitoring the abuse of human rights
  • Obtaining redress for victims of human rights abuse
  • Research into human rights issues
  • Providing technical advice to governments and others on human rights matters
  • Contributing to sound administration of human rights law
  • Raising awareness of human rights issues
  • Promoting public support for human rights
  • Promoting public support for human rights among individuals and corporations
  • International advocacy of human rights
  • and Eliminating infringement of human rights.

The purpose of this organisation is to secure throughout the world the observance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This commission is supported by Bar Associations and the Lawyer Associations from a number of countries including: France, India, Panama, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil Sri Lanka and Canada.