Joining Us


Only a National Bar Association or a Provincial Bar Association, which represent at least 5000 lawyers can join this commission. You are welcome to write to the chairman should you be interested in supporting this cause.


Individual Involvement

Individuals cannot become member of the commission but can support us by becoming member of M.S.G. of World Commission.

By joining M.S.G. you can help us to make this world a better place, where children's rights are not violated by abuse, women not degraded and political prisoners do not face terrible torture  Anyone, who is over eighteen and do not have criminal record can apply for membership by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Volunteers & Internship

A number of universities in London are partnering with us by recruiting student volunteers for us and by sending interns to us. We would welcome such enquiries from universities from other counties.

The purpose of this organisation is to secure throughout the world the observance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This commission is supported by Bar Associations and the Lawyer Associations from a number of countries including: France, India, Panama, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil Sri Lanka and Canada.